Importance of SWOT Analysis as an individual and as an Organisation, perfect example? Coca-cola!

SWOT like I said earlier, stands for Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats. Applying the SWOT analysis in your career is very important. If done, will bring about results that will not only benefit you as an individual (either looking for a job or already an employee) but also benefit the organization where you work.

Why the use of SWOT Analysis will benefit you has an individual;

Everyone has their own unique capabilities, once it is identified, it is not wise to live on just that alone, it is also good to know your weaknesses, work on it and seize the opportunity has it comes. it is not enough to land that job and believe that what you promised to offer during the job interview is enough. We live in an era, where you must constantly search for what it is, that you are not good at, especially if the job demands it, so you can improve yourself. Most people get a first degree and to them, they already feel that is their limit. An extra push will be necessary and even worth it in the end, to acquire a master’s degree, a relevant certification, learn the most recent and relevant soft skills, language (if need be), training etc as long as it will help build you up in that area of your career and even yourself as an individual.

After I graduated from the University, it was quite difficult getting a job. First thing i wanted to know, was what could help me land a job as quickly as possible, besides just being seen a fresh graduate. I attended a few interviews and matched it with other people’s experience in job hunting. Employers were looking to test candidates both reasoning, qualitative and quantitative test, and soft skills mostly Microsoft Excel. Although it took a while to land a job, but over time I kept focusing on the lesson learnt and how to do better, than dwelling on my mistakes. While I waited, I practised on how to take the various test assessment and enrolled for soft skill courses.

During an interview, you may be intimidated by others, whom you feel are better qualified than you,  or even intimidated by a colleague at work (Threats), but learning to know what you are good at, and working on your weaknesses will definitely give you a hedge to also stand out.

Why the use of SWOT Analysis will benefit  an organisation;

One of the things any organisation should look out for is any form of competition. The uniqueness of a given organisation is what they do differently from others, that cannot be emulated such formula, brand, recipe etc. No one has been able to displace Coca-cola, it has been the same taste since the 19th century, invented by John Perbemton and was bought out by businessman Asa Griggs Candler, whose marketing tactics led Coca-Cola to its dominance of the world soft-drink market throughout the 20th century. From the unique ingredients, to branding, supply chain activities in distributing and making the soft drink coke available to their target market, which is everyone! You also want to talk about their adverts? It has been unique, intended to make you want to have a cold bottle of coke. I will also like to think that over this long period of years; Coca-cola has been taking advantage of the latest technology, in manufacturing their products just to stay ahead of their competitors, of which the closest and only competition has been Pepsi (Threat). This is not mere luck, but years of hard work and strategizing in maintaining the position where they are today.

Go ahead! Write out your strengths, know your weaknesses and start working on them, know your threats or competition and always look for ways to stay ahead of them.

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