Winner of my first quiz “what does passion mean to you”

To me Passion is a natural desire that you seek to explore, a deep inner want or need that makes up who you are and what you want to Paul Forte Obuke Omu.

Paul Forte Obuke Omu is CEO of  Novet Forte Limited Port-Hacourt, Rivers state. The company is into Engineering and Environmental Procurement , Civil Works and Innovative Solutions Marketing. Currently , Paul Forte Obuke Omo has decided to tap into his creative and innovative side by setting up a series of web-based startup that offer creativity and innovative solutions, his goal is to be a serial entrepreneur because, he believes the only way to achieve true wealth is to have multiple income streams that will give him an opportunity to empower others.

I am just going to say, by their fruits you shall know them. Only someone who is very passionate in going for what he/she desires, regardless of the risks involved or the long-term in achieving the desired goals, can easily define the word passion effortlessly . You will agree with me from Paul’s introduction and definition, along the line from following his passion to set up his company to give exceptional procurement services in Environmental, Engineering and Civil works, he also discovered the need to build other businesses that will also empower youths and create jobs for others.

I love the part from his definition that says … “ a deep inner want or need that makes up who you are and what you want to be.” I could easily have blogged about fashion or my weight loss journey and experience because most people feel i will do good at it. But i chose this platform because, I believe in the future of Nigeria and I believe a little contribution or efforts on my side will make a difference someday or cause a positive impact on youths. I also feel the need to reach to young people, there is a lot of distractions and pollution of minds. Most youths have even lost hope, and hence indulge in wrong things,  the economy would either not let them further their education, or as graduates no jobs available, or no investment plan, due to lack of business orientation to have a plan B to secure their future and that of their families.

It all starts with your passion or interests. Identify it today , work towards it, allow it to drive you to your success, because when you are able to identify your passion, you find yourself pushing and wanting to do more. Always remember, it may not be smooth in the beginning, just focus on lessons learnt and not dwell on your failures.

Please share, you never know who needs their drive activated!

Thank you.

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