No guts, No glory!!!

Sometime in my early twenties, I was informed by my modelling agent about a major casting for a Coca-Cola commercial. I was so excited, because I felt the commercial was for a big brand name and will help boost my modelling portfolio.

Growing up I was a huge fan of  long braids (still love ’em braids lol). I was happy to have my hair done and had the perfect outfit that allows a judge to see the model potentials in me. I set out with expectations to my audition, luckily, I was shortlisted for one of the roles, which was to be a scene shot at the beach (inspired by my braids lol). Although  the audition took a while, but I was happy  I was shortlisted.

The strangest thing then happened, I and the other models shortlisted were yet to hear from the Agency. From two weeks, turned to a month and then two months later, I received a text from my agent that the earlier audition had been cancelled, and there will a repeat of the exercise. At that point, I was  not quite sure what to expect. On getting to the venue for the audition, the crowd was so discouraging, more people had heard about the audition and I felt I could not stand a chance for not making it early to the venue on that day, and lost hope completely just seeing the crowd for the same audition. Guess what? I turned around, and I went home.

When I  got home, my always supporting  and loving mother ( God bless her soul ) who understood how these auditions could last for hours, was surprised to see me back home early , I told her how I lost hope and got so intimidated by other models and just concluded that I may not get lucky again. That day, my Mum gave me the smartest advice ever, to always believe in myself and see it to the end no matter what, that way I will be at peace with myself knowing that I tried.

Since then, quitting has never been an option, even in the midst of other candidates with a First Class, or Masters degree during an interview, I am never moved in fear, because I learnt to believe in myself.

Let’s see it this way, if you do not overcome fear and develop guts, you will never know what glory feels like.

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