Saturdays are also days to reflect

In many parts of the world, Saturdays are mainly days to join two people in holy matrimony. Most people barely have time for themselves as there is always a wedding to attend either within or outside the state or country. For others, Saturdays are days to organise the home, get more groceries from the grocery store, nails and hair day at the salon, spa day, visiting day, while others  might consider a Saturday to learn something new, like taking language classes, swimming lessons, exercising, study time etc.

Most of all the activities do not need to happen in one Saturday. Most people plan towards some of these activities, while some are mandatory like organising the house and replenishing items or food. However you choose to plan your Saturdays, be sure to use it wisely. For me, I consider my Saturdays as my private time. Nowadays, I more interested in a message to share to inspire and motivate people, and immediately I have something to share I just get to it. My week days hardly gives me the time, so I make the best use of my weekends.

Basically, it was not long ago we said our happy new years and already it is almost the end of the year. If I had not developed the habit of reflecting on my weekly or quarterly activities on Saturdays such as what I have achieved, how I can do better and what I should close out before the end of the year, I would have lost out on a lot. So before you get dressed for that wedding or start your day towards your many other Saturday activities, take notes, track your progress and close out on your remaining plans for the year. While you are at it, grab a cup of coffee 🙂

Remember! Saturdays are also days to reflect.

Thank you for reading.

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