Dedication should be applied for performance effectiveness

What does the word dedication mean to you? How do you work when your boss is not there? How much work do you put into pass that exam, prepare for that job interview or aptitude test? How much time do you take to research and develop a proposal before you venture into that business?

We all want successful outcomes, yes of course it is a good thing. But how have we worked towards actually achieving our aims. Do we prefer to take shortcuts? Do we rely on others to do the work half way through?  In being successful you have to work the work, you have to put in a lot of your time and efforts, take risk, sacrifice sleep if you have too.

I am usually very impressed with the people I work with to improve on their CV’s, mostly those who take it the feedback given, go back and make corrections and include any addition. Others prefer you draft it for them and make it look nice so they get that job with a very impressive looking resume, while others do not care how their CV looks, they believe a recommendation letter to an employer recommending them for the job is good enough without any concrete basis such as high performing, great attitude to work or well experienced etc. Where is the joy in that?

I find it very disturbing when people intend to venture into a business and they do not have an idea neither do they have a well-developed business proposal, but yet attempt in the name of investing and with the hope that the business will take care of itself somehow.

Another aspect is our attitude to work. What do we really do at our desk? How much office work are we able to do than personal work? Do we actually use the working hours for work? Do we resume and close when we ought to? Most people work their best when their bosses are around and close enough to see they are working, which is wrong. The next time you complain about not being promoted, check within yourself and compare with how much time and effort a best performing staff puts in.

Dedication also applies with studying for an exam, you will only do well if you put in your best , if you push a little harder, take a leap of faith and make certain sacrifices, you will definitely get the desired results you need.

My next post will be on “The Benefits for being dedicated”.

Thank you for reading.

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