Dedication follows Passion

Before I post the benefits you get from being dedicated on what it is you are working towards with the hope of achieving a goal, I will like to say please do not confuse passion as the same as dedication. You may have passion to do a certain thing but how dedicated you are in doing what you love is another.

Today most people do not have opportunity to work in the organization or get a job role they are passionate about, that does not mean you should ignore being dedicated because you are not passionate about the job. Or better yet, stay idle until you get that one job you are passionate about.

As an Accounting undergraduate I interned at a company where I was first taught to use office machines, I was expecting more accounting task, but given more of administrative task which I did faithfully. An opportunity was given to see and do very little on petty cash.

Much later, after I had graduated, at my first job there were colleagues of mine who did not know how to use several office machines and I would help out. I since then appreciated my experience as an intern then. My point is no learning experience is a waste of time or irrelevant , it will definitely come in handy some day.

Hence it pays to stay dedicated in any given experience or opportunity that you find yourself, no matter how ridiculous the task is. After all not everyone can strike two stones together to make a fire, as little as it seems but very important when needed.

I hope this post has been able to make clear my message on “Dedication should be applied for performance effectiveness” which was simply referring to hard work or amount of time to put into what you hope to make, in order for you to get desired results.

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