The Benefits derived from staying dedicated

This post is a follow-up on ” Dedication should be applied for effective performance” and ” Dedication follows Passion”. Kindly take time out to read these posts to give you a broader view on the benefits you derive from staying  dedicated. I promised to share, here it is.

The following are the benefits you derive from staying dedicated:

Added advantage: As explained in the last paragraph. Learning something completely different from what you expected is no knowledge lost. There will come a time you will need it and stand out.

Desired results: A dedicated person will make several mistakes but  keep going until it is right. Hence you may show passion but not patient

Reward: No hard work goes unnoticed. Sometimes it might take a while, you may almost be discouraged or unmotivated but yet insist on being dedicated to that job, business, or studies. For jobs, your reward is promotion, business maybe maintaining a place above other competitors and for you studies, a  better job opportunity.

Recognition: You become recognized and good at what you do.  I love to hear success stories of successful people and how they emphasize on dedicating their time and effort that has led them where they are today.

Increased Knowledge: In finding solution to your  job, business or studies, you keep discovering more and more ideas to do better.

Perseverance comes along with being dedicated. No good thing comes easy. stay patient, stay consistent and learn from your every of your mistakes.

Thank you for reading.

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