The moral of the story ➡️ Believe in yourself

I got home one evening all tired. I thought to post something on my blog as usual, but after a long day at work I felt all I needed was a bath and some fruits and then a bit of TV before I head to bed. I was glad I made that decision, especially the relaxing part and watching TV.

As I flip through the channels I stumbled on a cooking show, it was more like a cooking competition between two women, a bit advanced in age with their families on both sides cheering them, and the host of the show emphasizing on the time they had left to finish up with the menu presented to the participates to prepare.

Gradually the women were almost rounding up with the little time they had left, and so on the first contestant’s plate, who prepares the meal the way she would prepare her home cooking, was a well prepared meal only that her plate was a bit scanty while the other woman who prepared her meal initiating foreign recipes and cooking technique like a Chef had her own plate filled up.

The other Lady seeing that her counterpart’s plate filled up and hers was scanty became a bit nervous and thought to add more to her plate and all she could think about was slices of tomatoes and later she decided she could not go on again and left her plate for last presentations and prayed over it.

As I watched, I had so much compassion for woman with the scanty plate, I loved her passion, I loved even more that she was able to snap back from her panic and embraced her efforts and finally she prayed. The Judges had a taste of the food and gave their last comments, just as I thought they appreciated the home-made cooking and even emphasised on her she was able to stay calm and prayed over the food, while the other woman would have gotten it right but was busy concentrating on adding too many ingredients.

The moral of my story here is that when faced with situations ensure to use or give solutions to what the situation applies to, stay calm and of course remember to pray when all said and done.

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Happy New week!


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