10 smart ways to excel in 2018

If you have not read my post on ” Get it right in 2018″ I urge you to please do so. It talks about why it is important to start planning for the year early, planning with lessons learnt from last year, what you could have done better and what your new goals are for the new year. After identifying all of it, it is also important to know how to produce better results.

The following will help you with better results in 2018:

Make a list:

Develop the habit of making a list of what you want to meet for every week, month and quarter of the year. Once you are able to find your goals, the next step is to plan. It is important to do things in order of importance, hence a list with a scale of preference will be wise to make in order not to experience disappointments or miss out on the most important task.

Get an organizer :

An organiser just helps you put things in order of perspective and to track progress of work done. It also serves as a reminder for  appointments, events, meetings, project deadlines etc so you do not get all clumsy and helps prevent a clash between activities. Having an organiser is something most of us practiced from our junior or higher learning, some of us depend on course mates, colleagues and our business partners to remind us on certain important events that holds great impacts on our lives, leaving you to depend on others all the time.

Read more:

As we grow older, many of us believe all the time that reading ends at the university level in other words, all the time should be invested in making money forgetting that a lot of changes occur every now and then, and so it is wise to stay informed at all times, which will help you have a broad knowledge on a lot of things while trying to stand out from competition in whatever you are chasing. Alway think of ways to refresh your memory, challenge yourself and keep getting relevant trainings and added certificates in other to stay relevant always in your career, studies, business or in any other pursuit.

Keep learning:

I enjoy learning new things. The feeling is so overwhelming. It is never a  waste of time but rather a plus and an added advantage. Learning is not just limited to taking exams, short course or training, it can also cut across so many other things such as learning a language, sport, indoor games, outdoor games or even learning one of the many vocational skills such as hair making, dress making, photography, makeup etc

Do your research:

Do not form the habit of relying on people for information, for all you may know, the information may turn out being false or incorrect. It helps to source the information you need by yourself, so you are confident and very well-informed with facts with your own research.

Work with a schedule:

Having a schedule helps you to rank your work and make sure you not run late but keep to time. A schedule will help you prioritize and concentrate on your aims and goals, that is knowing the period or duration to work on certain task or accomplishments. Most people spend so much time doing a particular thing and end up leaving several others undone. It is good to put a time to your goes and be strict with It, ensuring that nothing else interferes with the timing of a particular task or event.

Cut-off the unnecessary:

I see a lot of people get to carried away with watching too much TV, talking to friends for long hours over the phone, visiting friends regularly basically doing a certain thing too much and eventually get use to it and in the process forget the obvious or let with most important things suffer by paying less attention to it. You find out that indulging in certain habits especially the ones that would not in any way add value.

Take feedback well:

If you would love to keep advancing in life you should learn to take feedbacks well. You can even ask to know how well you have done or what you have done wrong. Feedbacks are very good and helps to enable you work on areas where you are not good at.

Stay positive:

Sometimes being positive alone is enough to make things fall into place for you. A positive attitude and energy just helps you attract many other positive things not planned for . Hence no matter the situation learn to stay calm and think positive.


In my first post for the year “Get it right in 2018” I already made mentioned that after all said and done pray and believe.

I hope this post helps someone out there.

Thank you for reading.

Activate That Drive.

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