Get out of your comfort zone and experience the magic

Get out of your comfort zone and experience the magic

A lot of people are busy thinking they do not have what it takes to succeed. They are either too afraid to try, intimidated by others or just believe they do not have what it takes. We all forget that everyone one of us has its own unique ability and most times the people we look up to and admire from a distance, once we get close to them, we get a little disappointed, because we get to find out that they never had it all.

It is important to note that not everyone knows it all, what you have is what the next person needs to complete a task, project or a puzzle. For instance a company whose primary task is to produce oil and gas, outsource Travels agent, Cleaning agents, HR consultant  etc to concentrate on its direct activities, while outsourcing the indirect activities to the experts. In order other words if you cannot work directly with the company, you can get hired for providing indirect services for the company.

Apparently, there are a lot of young people who have come to realize that there is no skill that is useless or one to look down on, others are still busy being picky and asking themselves “what will people say”.  I am always so happy and proud of those who have decided to learn a skill or improve on their skills and have taken it to the next level such in indoor and outdoor catering, fashion designing, Farming, service providers etc.

To get out of their comfort zone is to. attempt or do things differently and if done well others will follow. There many cases where people come up with ideas and try to run with it but do not do so well and then another party sees the potential in the business and decides to buy it over and turns it into perfection. Nowadays, as little as business creation is a skill, to have investors sponsor or fund the business, all you need to is to ensure and prove  a long-term goal.

So what are you waiting for? an idea mind is the devil’s workshop, so start thinking and come up with ideas to get out of your comfort zone to a place where magic happens.

Activate That Drive will you?

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