Do Business Men and Women have it all figured out ?

Do Business Men and Women have it all figured out ?

I love to learn from other people’s experience, especially from my older friends. I like to watch and take my time to understand why the preferred business, certain decisions they make, if the decision is strategic or just to save the day, and wonder how they know it is time to expand or go beyond where they are. Interesting isn’t it?

I learnt from one that if you must go into a business you should be ready to be discipline, discipline in the sense that whatever you put into the business should be for the business only. Most people draft a business plan, not all go along with it. Be ready to be firm as well, once in a business you have to make plans for unforeseen events, hence even the money set aside for your personal needs should be spent wisely.

It is not enough to set up at business and use workers to run the business on your behalf, it is very important to have an idea about your business either through earlier work experience or self-development. Little wonder most CEO’s I know even with their start-up company go for an MBA, planning their budgets, knowing what they need to improve to build more capacity of their business entity.

Every Business man or woman should once in while attend Business forums or Exhibitions. Chambers of Commerce is a good place to start, place where different people with different exposure who trade on various kinds of businesses meet and share ideas. I had my first opportunity to attend one at Chambers of Commerce Port-Harcourt. I was waiting for my Call-up letter to go for my youth service, my dearest Uncle Nari who I use to go to asking if there was anything I could do for him lol. I was found fresh out of school and could not wait to work. The meeting did open my eyes to a lot of things.

After the business forum, I thought of starting my business, I was thinking really big, but I was more passionate to build a career first before I venture into something else like starting a business. For me, I had figured out I was ready to set up and business yet. Some people see it see it be an opportunity and decide to handle working and setting up their business. Understand that this only works out because of enough financial capacity and opportunity that presents its self.

For others  who decide to start a business, is usually due to lack of unemployment. Hence instead of sitting idle, they go for trainings to develop themselves and start a business. It will be good to note that when you eventually start the business as grow, take short courses, trainings or attend business forums to improve yourself and your business. Visit places or countries for local and international trade fairs and see the latest changes in your line of business.

I hope this post helps someone today.

Thank you for readying.

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