Leadership skills and the impact on subordinates

Leadership skills and the impact on subordinates

Hello every its been a while. I have struggled with the way i see people occupy certain Leadership roles  and i have come to realise that not everyone who find themselves in such positions know what it means to be a Leader or how much more lead. Leaders or people who find themselves leading others can either have a positive or negative influence on the job to be delivered or produced by the ones who report to them.

In my career journey so far, i have worked with the good, the bad and the most amazing superiors. The most amazing managers/ superiors are very rare to find, they are usually the ones with long years of work experience, ones who have worked with people of various characters and background, and the other class will be those  who started their careers quite early and occupy leadership roles along with people older than them, thereby drawing from their experience in addition to what they already know.  With all these assessment,  i can tell you the qualities  which a good Leader must have to guide and motivate their subordinates:


A good Leader will impact positive on their subordinates doing the following:

Open door approach:

An Open door approach is more like a policy adopted in most corporate organisations as a communication policy in which a Manager, CEO, MD, President  or Supervisor leaves their office door open to encourage openness and transparency with employees of that company. In most cases, only very few Superiors practice this. The closest most subordinates gets to their bosses is when there has been an incident or during the end of year appraisal. Remember you as a Leader cannot have information to everything, hence you delegate. The closer you are to your subordinates the more likely the chance you get  to know them better and avoid costly mistakes, knowing that they have easy access to their managers at anytime on issues that is beyond their capabilities.

A reminder that the Business comes first:

Many Subordinates work with the mindset that whatever and however they take up a task should impress their Managers, they do this to get noticed at all cost, or try to be the favourite one among others and so they make unrealistic promises and assumption to deliver a certain task, not minding the consequences. A good Leader , Manager or Superior should be able to sound regular warnings to their subordinates to always follow the process at all times, and in everything they do, they must learn to put the company first as this will help avoid losses that may occur when processes are not being followed.

Sense of Care and Understanding:

Me personally i have a problem with a Superior who does not care about their subordinates, the only thing they care about is for them to get the job done including unrealistic deadlines. For subordinates who find themselves working with such superiors, the best way to handle this, is to formally explain what  the job entails (when i say formally explain,i mean write in an email asking for an extension,giving good reasons on why you are unable to meet up with the deadline given and suggest possible duration it may take you to finish.

Give opportunity for Subordinates to showcase their skills:

A lot of times subordinates do certain jobs and do not get recognised for it. In most cases the jobs they close-out is usually passed down to their superior who then interprets the work through presentation from the work done by their  subordinates. Once in a while the subordinate should be allowed to make presentations from the job done by them. This will boost their confidence level, enhance their presentation skills, help them see beyond the work done and in the process prepare them to be future  managers .

Lead by good example:

Leaders who lead by example are so admirable by many subordinates, even to those who do not fall under their reporting line. They are even Mentors to many they do not know look up to them. They unknowingly shape minds of those who look up to them to become better people, in character, appearance, attitude, speech and knowledge. As leaders, Managers or Superiors you should always remember the ones under you that are counting on you, believing in you, hoping to learn something from you and emulate whatever you do.

Practice what you preach:

I am usually shocked to see managers who say one thing and do another. You lose your total respect when subordinates tag you has one who does not “Practice what you preach”. Integrity, Punctuality, Honesty are the most likely how some Leaders may fall victim, thereby giving subordinates the room to do the same.


Feedback is an information given to a person to assess a person’s performance of a certain task, which in return provides basis for improvement. A lot of times subordinates do their work without being given any feedback. In other words, they do not always know when they have performed well or badly, let alone know where to improve on. There is joy in having a group of people work under you and knowing that they leave your team better than when they first joined you.

Thank you for reading.

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