The role of a Mentor

I use to prefer to learn or do things on my own. I felt everyone would be too busy to spare a time or two to help.  When given a task assigned to me, I only assume it is right for me to work on it on my own and figure it all out even when I get to a point that is challenging.

My orientation changed when I worked with a certain Supervisor who  appreciates how I show passion in trying to get the job done, but advised that no man is an island and I should learn to make good use of my time learning from people who have the skill sets that I lack. She also explained that  If I feel the need to seek another opinion and draw more knowledge and understanding from a more experience person then I should do so.

Over time, realized that I learn more when people bring issues that are challenging for them for me to resolve  or come up with a solution and ask questions in areas that I do not understand. Eventually I started to develop the courage to walk up to people who I feel can Mentor me giving me the necessary advice, support and guidance in closing the gap where I lack the required competency. In return, they will also see it has an avenue to use their experience to solve something new or different thereby learning as well.

” A Mentor is one that makes out time to run through the progress of a Mentee on a certain activity and points out the competencies to develop in order for the Mentee to make better results”. Hence, the Mentor is able to spot mistakes in time and guide the Mentee on how to get it right.

Trust me it is very good practice  to have a second opinion especially from one with hands on experience similar with your academics, business or career.

Be wise, a problem shared is a problem half solved.

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