Educational Guidance

How we perform now in our everyday attempt is totally dependent on our educational foundation which is based on the kind of quality education we receive from scratch and values learnt while growing up as a child. Just like how much time, efforts and money we put into trying to lose weight at the gym, if you still eat as much and eat unhealthy meals you will never get the desired or required results, as work out instructors also recommend their clients apply self-discipline and plan their meals which is about 80% the effort, while only 20% goes on exercising.

In essence, parents or a guardian have most of the work to do in training a child through instilling values, manners, self-discipline, self-confidence and principles gradually into the child’s mind, so that he/she grows to have a strong influence on how they think or behave, while the school only provides curricular support.

Secondly research has also proven by  Angela Lee Duckworth, a teacher turned psychologist (see video clip below) that it is not only those with great IQ that can do great at school, business, work or anything successful in life. All that matters is your passion for what you want to become or do in life, and how long you are willing to persevere to meet your long-term goals for a bright future and learning to put your fears aside and go for what you want. Even if your fail, you will yet be ready to take lessons learnt and attempt again.

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