Project Nigeria

I remember when singing the Nigerian national anthem and pledge gave me so much joy. I was born in the early 80’s , privileged to experience a government that put their people first, we had free lunch at schools and so much great plans for Nigerian students. For some reasons, Military rule worked for us in Nigeria, its amazing how we finally had the opportunity for democracy rule, and things just started to fall apart. That is by the way.

As a little girl who loved ice cream so much, Wall’s ice cream then, cost a s little as One Naira, Fifty Kobo, drinks like Coke, Fanta and Sprite would go for as little as Two Naira, Fifty Kobo. Stores like UTC, Leventis sold burgers and sandwiches for Five naira. I remember also buying Five bars of chocolate in one pack for Fifty Naira . During the days of my Father and Mother there was nothing like queuing up to get visa to travel abroad, just get your tickets and travel when you want. We were known to be the  giant of Africa, and known for our produce in  agriculture and later on oil.

We got it wrong when we decided to abandon agriculture and pursue producing oil. We have achieved more abandoned projects than more executed ones, we depend and rely so much on hiring a foreign experts than empowering our own, and make sure that we use and support Nigerian local content.

We live in a society where we believe it is totally up the government to make a change, but the truth is we all have our various roles to play. Many Nigerian youths are looking for ways to leave the country in search of greener pastures, some fortunate enough to study abroad, believe there is nothing to come back home to, and some who eventually come back with University and Masters degrees are not most times fortunate, and even if they get a job, it might not be what they want.

I want appeal to Nigerian youths, it is not enough to study abroad, come back home and just take up any job for the seek of earning an income.  Although,, it is good to have a job, but at least make an effort  to use the knowledge you have gained to come up with solutions to help build the country again. If we can prove that we have competent Nigerian youths that can take up certain roles or jobs that are usually given to expatriates, then our government can now see that there will be no point looking out.

There will be topics that will come up from time to time for discussion, if you are Nigerian based abroad or at home and the topic relates to your profession, please do well to give to the discussions. I love want Jimi Disu is doing over the radio, he raises and points out issues in the country. Even if it is not solved immediately , it will definitely get to the hears of the government. Social media, is another growing platform. As we indulge in knowledge sharing that will help change and better the country, we will definitely get the attention of  relevant Nigerian leaders.

I am a strong believer, and i will like you  to stay positive as well. Nigeria will be great again.

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Thank you for reading.